Is My Dog Aggressive?

Good morning K9K friends!  So, this morning I thought I’d write a bit about “reactivity”, more commonly called “aggression”.

A lot of folks tell me their dog is aggressive to other dogs when walking and why does that happen and can that be “fixed” and how long will it take and how much will it cost.  Every time I hear the questions, I think about my own experience with my boy Doc, now 14 1/2 years young.  As I was walking him this morning and he calmly passed dog after dog, on and off leash, I remembered his humble beginnings.  We adopted Doc when he was 8 years old.  We were his 4th home.  He came to us from a rescue group with:  1)  1 toe missing from a snake bite, 2) an extreme dislike of other dogs, and 3)  an even more extreme dislike of anyone that got too close to him, especially to his head.  I’ll say right now that I’ll take a senior dog with a few issues over a puppy any day!  But, that’s a topic for a different post!  Back to the questions! Continue reading