Our Clients

Your satisfaction is very important to us. Without you, we wouldn’t exist! For that reason, we always ask our clients about their experience with us so that we continuously improve our service. Here’s what they’ve told us…

I’m so Glad Nil is back in NY! The patience, respect, and positive regard she show s my dogs and our connection is amazing. She worked on all of our trust issues and we are excited to begin our journey to help other families due to meeting Nil:)

Nil has been great in helping us train our two puppies with her behavioral expertise. She has been dedicated to helping us work through what training goals we would like to achieve for our puppies.

Nil is the best trainer! Echo & I took the Therapy Course with her in SC. We both loved the course & the work in the assisted living residences in SC. Her knowledge & expertise in canine behavior is evident in all her training techniques. She taught me patience in training and what it could accomplish. I would highly recommend taking ANY of her courses. Both you and your dogs will love it & you will build a closer bond with them. The only negative thing I have to say is…Nil, you left SC and I miss you so much! Come back to us! We need you back down here!

Kali just completed a basic obedience class with Nil. We loved her energy and expertise. We would definitely recommend K9 Konnection for dog training. She taught us many basic commands using positive reinforcement. Loved the class!!

Nil is absolutely wonderful!, anie and I have been with nil from the time anie was 4 months old!, and we both are learning so much!!

Nil is awesome! I highly recommend k9Konnection for training. I signed up my insecure, afraid Great Dane puppy for basic obedience. With Nil’s patience and extreme caring, by the third class he was starting to blossom. When the six weeks were over, my puppy was having the confidence that I hoped. We are now in scent games and he is having a blast!!!! Don’t hesitate to sign your dog up, you won’t be disappointed and the bond you will have with your dog is wonderful!!

I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had in your class, and I learned a lot too!! I’m going to miss going to school every Thursday, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed myself and will continue on my journey to be the dog Ro and Steve know I can be!!”
Take care,

Over the course of time we’ve dealt with many trainers. By far the experience at K9 Konnection has been the absolute best!

Nil is a great trainer. You can tell she really loves dogs.

Nil and Tom are awesome and Thor is awesome because they helped us help him!

Nil was superb. Great trainer. Well organized and had a plan for class. She gave easy instructions and made progress with Abigail immediately. Cannot wait to attend other classes.

Nil, this is Maggie. You were 100% right, we loved her but our house was clearly not the right house for her. She is doing great and loves her life. Thanks to you, we made the right decision for us and for Maggie.

We miss you here in NY Nil but as you can see you helped us teach Sheba well. This is her and her 2 legged sister resting after a few days apart. Sheba needs her kids and her kids need her just as much.

Thank You to Nil, Tom and Ruby for the wonderful dog training experience Bella and I shared at K9 Konnection in Myrtle Beach, SC. The positive training techniques that we learned over the past six weeks has given us a solid foundation for our continued life long experiences together. Nil your knowledge, compassion and willingness to spend extra time with us is greatly appreciated. You operate a first class training center. We look forward to working with you in the future! THANKS! Bella and Joe Burger

So excited! Used TOUCH today with Dusty in a situation that would have been bad otherwise. We were waiting in car, someone walks excited puppy near us. Dusty spotted him and focused, wouldn’t look at me. I grabbed a treat and said touch, he immediately went nose to hand and stopped caring about the puppy! He was ready to bark and jump around in the backseat. but calmed down instead. Thank you Nil

I found you Nil! Thank you so very much for your time and excellent suggestions yesterday. Young Axel is learning that boundaries are non-negotiable. You also showed me how some of my precious Spirit’s problem was most likely due to pain. Today things went much better with both dogs. Thank you.

Words cannot express how much I would recommend K9 Konnection Dog Training. I have recently adopted a rescue dog. They have been unbelievable in helping me work through my dog’s issues. They have truly been a lifesaver. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Nil has helped us with two rescue dogs with severe problems. The first one we could not keep as it was a safety issue for our children but she came out and helps us to come to that decision on our own and also helped the rescue I volunteer for place her in the right situation for her. Maggie is now thriving and happy. Our household was to much for her. A year later we found our love but she was a large untrained breeding dog who was 3 and never knew rules. With Nils help that girl who had potential but nobody ever cared about is now thriving. If she is misbehaving I can get her to go lay on her bed and stay with no verbal cues and only motions. It is amazing how much she has changed since entering our household thanks to Nil.

Nil, Thank you so much for training my Border Terrier Mix, Isabelle. She is no longer anxious while she is out on walks. And now we can enjoy taking her for walks.

Yesterday Sadie and I went for our rail trail walk and had another very successful outing thanks to your training. You taught me how to observe how my dog reacts to stress so that I can help her feel more confident and safe in an environment of bikes, runners, and dog walkers. Thanks so much!

What a great morning at the park!! My boy Thor is learning it’s good to be a dog with the awesome help from Nil and Tom thanks so much guys!! Can’t wait until next week :)

testimonial-150x112Nil, Thank you for helping me to become the best dog I can be and learn to control my excitement around people. My new attitude has helped me to welcome home my new little sister. Mom and dad even tell me I help babysit! I’ve attached some pictures of myself. Don’t I look handsome!

Hudson, a Newfoundland, hanging out where he loves best in the SNOW!

1249222-111x150I can sit, stay, lie down an come when called. I am such a good little girl.


5613674_orig-85x150Thank you so much Nil for making me a better behaved dog! I will miss you.

Love, Bella the Labradoodle

2619356-150x140…very proud of what you taught him and how much you’ve changed him. I did the work yes but without you I wouldn’t have known how. So thanks again for everything.

Bruno's mom

Nil took a gentle, but firm approach with my pack. She took time to learn each dog’s individual personality to see what they need. She was encouraging and patient with me and my babies. . . .I reccommend Nil to everyone I come across!

The positive way in which Nil trained our puppy.

I loved watching the change and progress.

Nil! She formed a relationship with both our dog and us. She truly cared about what our dog learned. She was positive, friendly, and our dog was very responsive to her.

I know as a business owner or anyone in a customer service related business that you can always do something to improve- however Nil needs to change nothing- she is so good at this! We will miss our visits with Nil.

They are very friendly and comfortable to talk to. They’ll be as into your dog as you are.

Nil was awesome and even brought her husband along to help “test” out our dog with strangers and men versus women. She was very patient and took her time to gain our dogs trust who has trust issues. She also gave us great advice on the future with a new dog and was very honest that our dog had some serious issues. She was definitely not out to make a buck and honestly cared about the safety of everyone including our dog . . .

Nil, Just wanted you to know what a great experience both had today. He was mellow the whole way home. when he started to bark as I was getting ready to leave I gave him a piece of bologna for coming and sitting quietly and that was it! Such success so quickly. When he got home he kept following my boyfriend around. It was almost like he wanted him to know he had a great time. Thanks…We are looking forward to next Saturday

Hi Nil, Thank you so much. We would like to schedule a follow up in a couple of weeks and also maybe do some work on leash training. My son is so excited and proud of himself …He has been working with both dogs! He also wants to find out more about rally obedience from you.

What a fabulous training session with our Georgia today! We were thrilled with your methods and how quickly she responded to them. She’s sound asleep on our bed right now.  Enjoy your weekend!

Hey Nil, I wanted to stop by and say that I just had the most pleasant walk with Brooklyn, the best since she was 3 months old! The tips you showed me helped so much. And there’s been Central Hudson workers all up and down my street and she walked past without a bark, lunge, or raised hackles. I’m near tears, I am so pleased! Thank you, so much! And all the gang is enjoying the scavenger game, its keeping them entertained and wearing them out!

As usual, just as I’m about to wring their thick necks, Nil O’Boyle flies in and saves the day (and their lives) with a wonderful tip! “The Gang” better be as grateful for her as I am!

I can’t say enough about The K9 Konnection! Nil came to visit us a few times to help us learn to teach Copper, our young Australian Shepherd, how to behave in our home. She assessed the situation very quickly and got right to work helping us to see how our behavior contributed to Copper’s undesirable behavior. By practicing her suggestions we now are the very satisfied owners of a wonderful companion who is playful and affectionate, yet no longer drives us crazy with his mischief. Nil’s advice made all the difference. We recently drew on her expertise again for a situation that was really annoying. Copper would not come in at night and I was unwilling to let him stay out all night. I’d go out and perform all manner to tricks to get him into the house – whether it be to entice him with the idea of a walk or a trail of food to get him to the door. It was quite ridiculous. Nil came to check us out, advised us to work on his “recall” (coming when called) and in just one night the problem was corrected. We were really amazed. Thank you Nil for helping us learn to train this dog! We’ll always be grateful.