Our Clients

Your satisfaction is very important to us. Without you, we wouldn’t exist! For that reason, we always ask our clients about their experience with us so that we continuously improve our service. Here’s what they’ve told us…

What a fabulous training session with our Georgia today! We were thrilled with your methods and how quickly she responded to them. She’s sound asleep on our bed right now.  Enjoy your weekend!

Hey Nil, I wanted to stop by and say that I just had the most pleasant walk with Brooklyn, the best since she was 3 months old! The tips you showed me helped so much. And there’s been Central Hudson workers all up and down my street and she walked past without a bark, lunge, or raised hackles. I’m near tears, I am so pleased! Thank you, so much! And all the gang is enjoying the scavenger game, its keeping them entertained and wearing them out!

As usual, just as I’m about to wring their thick necks, Nil O’Boyle flies in and saves the day (and their lives) with a wonderful tip! “The Gang” better be as grateful for her as I am!

I can’t say enough about The K9 Konnection! Nil came to visit us a few times to help us learn to teach Copper, our young Australian Shepherd, how to behave in our home. She assessed the situation very quickly and got right to work helping us to see how our behavior contributed to Copper’s undesirable behavior. By practicing her suggestions we now are the very satisfied owners of a wonderful companion who is playful and affectionate, yet no longer drives us crazy with his mischief. Nil’s advice made all the difference. We recently drew on her expertise again for a situation that was really annoying. Copper would not come in at night and I was unwilling to let him stay out all night. I’d go out and perform all manner to tricks to get him into the house – whether it be to entice him with the idea of a walk or a trail of food to get him to the door. It was quite ridiculous. Nil came to check us out, advised us to work on his “recall” (coming when called) and in just one night the problem was corrected. We were really amazed. Thank you Nil for helping us learn to train this dog! We’ll always be grateful.