About the Krew


Owner/Training Director
Nil has been training dogs for nearly 20 years and is certified by both the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and by Animal Behavior College. She has been and continues to be a student of canine behavior and, a researcher by trade, Nil always stays abreast of the latest in behavior research so that she brings her clients the best and most effective training techniques.  Nil is adamant in her belief that training dogs without force, rather with kindness and patience, earns a dog’s trust and cooperation and enhances your relationship with your dog.

“I will always advocate for dogs to be understood as individuals, to be treated respectfully, and to be taught without the fear of force or pain.”



Julianne Tattenbaum, CPDT-KA

Day Camp Director, Trainer

Julianne is our K9K Day Camp Director and trainer also certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).  She spends her days with the K9K day camp pups making sure they’re having a great time.  Julianne is committed to The K9Konnection’s force-free philosophy and is putting her knowledge to use as one of our trainers!  She’s a natural around dogs and they love her!




Retired Director of Dogs (formerly Assistant to Sophie)
Ruby became our Director of Dogs at 3 years old when Sophie retired.  At 9 years of age, Ruby has decided to retire and focus on her favorite things – long walks and her ball!  She is sweet, sensitive, playful and patient and has been an instrumental puppy raiser.  She raised Max after all!    At the age of 8, she got word that she’d need to raise yet another puppy (see Gracie below!).  While Ruby has retired from the classroom and from day camp, she still works with Nil as a teacher dog during private sessions and behavior consultations.



At nearly 6 years old, Max has finally shed his nickname, Punk!  Although now that Gracie has joined the family, he brings our his inner punk to entertain her!  Max has come a VERY long way.  Max came to me with fear issues, separation anxiety, serious over arousal and redirected aggression issues.  Max had zero impulse control and unlike other dogs who just ran around and got nutty, Max’s lack of impulse control resulted in serious over-arousal which led to aggressive events.  Max can now greet people, play with toys, play with Ruby and Gracie without going too high.  He’ll always be our sweet, goofy punk!

Gracie (aka Gee-Gee)

I’ve said for years that I would never get another puppy and well in July 2019 I got a call about a Vizsla pup from NYC that needed a home.  I said I’d see if she got along with Ruby and Max and if not I’d foster her until we found her a good home.  Well, here she is 1 year later!  She is 1 1/2 years old, lover of bird/squirrel/chipmunk/butterfly chasing and all around sweet, goofy girl!  Max’s wrestle buddy, Ruby’s snuggle buddy, Gracie has fit right in and we love her shenanigans.  As she matures, she’ll start working at K9K, but for now she’s just going to enjoy being a puppy!




Rest in Peace Baby Angel

Sophie journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge in January 2015 at the age of 12 1/2.  She spent her life devoted to her family and her friends.  Sophie’s greatest joy in life was being with people and she was a pet therapy dog until she retired from that job in 2011.

I struggle to deal with her passing as Sophie was truly my heart dog.  She came to me at a point in my life that was dark and she brought me such joy there are no words to describe that.  We shared such amazing adventures:  weekends on the Cape running on the beach, hiking the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains, playing in lakes and rivers, visiting assisted living homes and kids homes as a Pet Therapy team, stopping at Walkill Farm for some coconut almond joy ice cream.  🙂  We went everywhere together.  I trusted my beautiful girl with any person, any dog, and in any situation.

Sophie was sister to Doc and helped him through his fears as he blossomed into the dog he always should have been.  She raised Ruby from puppyhood and handed down her wisdom and playfulness.  Sophie was one big bundle of unconditional love and we were graced with that love everyday of her life.

To my sweet baby angel – it was an honor being your human.  Run free sweetheart and meet up with all your friends.  Know that a day won’t go by without me thinking of you and how much I love you.  Godspeed my sweet baby.  ‘Til we meet again.




Rest in Peace Sweet Boy

We lost Doc on June 13, 2014 at the age of 15.  As all of you know, each dog that passes takes with him a piece of your heart.  And Doc has taken a piece of mine.

We adopted Doc when he was 8 years old and he came to us with behavioral issues. Doc’s response to most situations was fearful and that fear manifested itself as aggression. He couldn’t be around other dogs, he ran from kids, and getting too close to him would be met with a growl and sometimes bared teeth. With kindness and patience, we earned Doc’s trust. And with a scientifically proven behavior modification plan, Doc became the biggest, sweetest mushy boy!  Doc taught me that love truly does conquer all and patience is truly a virtue.  When he came home to us, I promised him this:  I will keep you safe, warm, well-fed, and loved.  I would whisper that in his ear almost every day and he’d give me a kiss and a few nose nibbles!  🙂

I love you always sweet boy — now it’s God’s turn to keep you safe and warm, well-fed, and loved.  I’ll see you again one day.