Class Descriptions


AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

This class is an introduction puppy class for pups up to 18 weeks old. We’ll focus on puppy development, socialization, house-training, teaching pups to use their mouths appropriately and basic obedience. Upon completion of this class your puppy will be an AKC STAR Puppy!

Pre-requisite:  None

Beginner Manners
Once you and your pup have graduated from Puppy Class, it’s time to continue their education.  In this class, we focus on strengthening the skills we learned in puppy class!  This class is for dogs of any age. 
Pre-requisite:  none

Intermediate Manners
In this class, we continue to strengthen our dog’s skills by adding duration and distractions.  And we add new behaviors like targeting and heeling.  This class is for dogs of any age.
Pre-requisite:  Beginner Manners

Advanced Manners/AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep Class
This class prepares you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test! For more information, please click here

Walk With Me!
In this  class you’ll learn how to teach your dog to walk politely on leash! Our winter Walk With Me class is 3 sessions and we will work on building the foundations of a nice loose leash.  Our spring/summer/fall Walk With Me class is 6 sessions where we review the foundations and then we visit our local parks to practice!

Cooperative Care
What is Cooperative Care you ask?  It’s simply teaching your dog to not only tolerate handling and husbandry procedures, but to be an active, willing participant in these experiences.  Imagine your dog sitting patiently for a nail trim, physical exam, blood draw, or ear cleaning or even having ear or eye drops administered!  It can happen!


Doggy Game Show!

Sometimes you just want to have fun with your pup and meet some new friends! If that’s what you’re looking for then look no further!! In Doggy Game Show, each week you and your pup will learn new skills then each class ends with our Doggy Game Show Contestants showing off who can do it the best! On the last class, we have the Final Showdown where you’ll go through an obstacle course designed with everything you’ve been working on! We put fun in obedience, agility, tricks, and more!!

Scent Games
Sometimes we just want to go out and have some fun with our dog! Well then, come join us at Scent Games! Scent games engages the nose with engages the brain and makes for a very tired and happy dog! We set up the center with lots of places to hide things for our dogs to find. This class is perfect for mildly reactive dogs to build their confidence because all teams are in their own ex-pen cubbies!

Tricks for Clicks!

Oh, who doesn’t love showing off a trick or two to their friends!? In this class you will learn fun tricks  to show off to your friends!

Doggy Ninja Warrior!
This is a fun class where our dogs conquer obstacles in their path.  They’ll work on going over and under obstacles,  balancing, footwork, and just climbing on stuff!    


Rocket Recall
Okay, how many times have you called your dog to come to you and he ran in the opposite direction? Yup, we’ve all been in that situation before! Rocket Recall is your answer to that. In this class, we’ll show you how easy it is to have your dog come to you each and every time you call! And because we teach recall using games, this class is loads of fun! Let’s face it, this is one of the most important emergency cues you and your dog will ever learn!