K9K Day Camp – A Premier Poughkeepsie Dog Daycare!

Welcome to K9K Day Camp!

At K9K Day Camp we provide a relaxed social environment where dogs can make lifelong friendships. And our single most important priority is your dog and his/her happiness, care, comfort and safety! We want your dog to feel at home here at K9K Day Camp! Because our day care focuses on the development of positive long-term social skills, we do require weekly visits. This way, the dogs become familiar with one another and everyone knows what to expect and that’s the beginning of beautiful friendships!

We pride ourselves is assessing a dog’s individual play style and make sure they are paired with dogs with similar play styles and your dog will be part of that play group.  At Camp K9K, we are sensitive to the needs and preferences of each individual dog.  That’s why here, you will never see a large group of dogs left to fend for themselves – we don’t allow doggy free-for-alls!!  Play is supervised by our loving and experienced staff.  Dogs that attend Camp K9K are treated like family – each dog in our care is treated like they are our own!

We start with morning playtime, then off for a nap and snacks and we wind the day down with a bit more play and chilled out hanging out time at the end of the day. It’s so critical that dogs play together AND rest together as they develop their away-from-home family friendships. Your dogs are tired and fulfilled, but not stressed!

K9K Day Camp Requirements:

  • Friendly toward staff and other dogs
    • Dogs should not display any form of aggression – to humans, other dogs, around food, around toys.
    • If at any time your dog does not enjoy being here, we will bring that to you immediate attention and we will discuss alternative options. We will NEVER keep your dog here if they are stressed. While we value your business, we will never put that ahead of the welfare of your dog.
  • All dogs must pass an initial evaluation interview (click here for the Evaluation Interview process)
    • The evaluation interview is by appointment only and must be completed prior to making day camp reservations
  • Proof of current vaccinations or titers (required: rabies, DHLLP, bordatella)
  • Proof of negative fecal in the past 6 months
  • Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed/neutered
  • Dogs must be physically healthy and be free from any other health issues



  • The K9Konnection is a Force-Free Facility. All dogs should wear a flat buckle collar and/or harnesses and come in on leash. NO martingales, NO prong collars, NO choke chains, NO shock collars. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you find it difficult to walk your dog safely, please let us know and we can help provide alternatives to aversive tools.
  • We do not exclude any breed of dog based solely on their breed designation. All dogs, regardless of breed, are required to pass an Evaluation Interview which is the basis for acceptance into the program.