Welcome to The K9Konnection!

For Covid-19 precautions, please note the following:

  • all instructors and students must wear masks during class

  • if you feel ill or have been exposed to someone who has symptoms, please do not come to class.  Email Nil at nil@thek9konnection.com

  • each team is limited to ONE handler so we can maintain social distancing


Welcome to The K9Konnection!

We believe that the bond between people and their dogs is a special one.

Welcome to The K9Konnection dog training located near Poughkeepsie, New York and serving the greater Hudson Valley! Whether you’ve just brought home a new puppy, adopted/rescued a dog (young or old!), or would like to work on training a dog that’s already a part of your family, we’re here to help. Here at The K9Konnection, our training approach is entirely force -free and based on scientifically proven positive reinforcement methods.  NO prong collars, NO choke chains, NO physical force and NO shock collars.  We teach your dog the RIGHT behaviors so he/she knows what behaviors pay off and what don’t.  The result – a wonderful relationship with your canine friend that is built on trust, kindness, patience, and cooperation. Not only will you succeed in teaching your dog how to live beautifully with your family, you’ll have fun doing it.

To the dogs we work with:

  • We will teach with kindness
  • We will earn your trust with patience
  • We will respect your right to be a dog!


To the humans we work with:

  • We will help you communicate with your dog
  • We will teach your dog new, appropriate behaviors
  • We will ensure that you have FUN!